Candisil For Vaginal Yeast Infection

If you’re done with yeast infections ruining your sex life, self esteem, health, and everyday activities, then keep reading and discover how you can finally feel normal again…no more infections, no more itching, no more pain, and no more days of feeling good-for-nothing. Get rid of all your symptoms in just days, like they never existed in the first place.

I’m here to help you get back the life you deserve. There is no reason for you suffer needlessly for even one more day. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar..

Do you constantly live in fear that you’re going to have another infection?

Did you used to feel healthy, but now are always in pain…itching and burning with every infection?

Do you experience redness, rashes, soreness, and itching around your vagina?

Do you experience a white vaginal discharge—looking a bit like cottage cheese?

Do you feel depressed or bad about yourself—having low self esteem due to the fact that you have been labeled with having "yeast infections”?

Are too embarrassed to tell your doctor about your condition because you were afraid your doctor would judge you or just give you a sex-ed lecture?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want to help you...

Because there is such a stigma around yeast infections, nobody wants to admit they have them. In fact, many people live in quiet suffering for years and years. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer any more.

Before reading any further, you must know one thing. It’s very important that you take the time to read this…understand it…and take it to heart:

If you are suffering from the pain, shame, and depression of yeast infections, you are not at fault. Many doctors want you to believe that your symptoms are a result of your lifestyle choices or your lack of “good” judgment…or that you’re plain dirty. Shame on them!

The fact of the matter is that they are simply wrong. Don’t let your doctor blame you. It’s not your fault at all. The only blame you can take now is if you don't do anything about it!

If you’re like many yeast infection victims, you don’t know where to turn. You need help, but your doctor just doesn’t seem to be doing enough. Don’t worry: help is on its way! Here is some yeast infection information you need to know that most other web sites won't tell you.

“Yeast Infection Facts You Need To Know"

You need to know what you’re dealing with so you can effectively eliminate yeast infections from your life…forever!

75% of all women will experience a yeast infection at least once. That is an outstanding percentage rate! Even scarier is that 40% of all women will continue to suffer from reoccurring yeast infections...

Yeast infections can be easily treatable, but if you have reoccurring yeast infections it can be very difficult to find something that works quickly and effectively. Vaginal yeast infections can be caused by many factors. Candida Albican is the technical term for the main cause in most yeast infections.

Every woman has a small amount of yeast that lives in our bodies and most of the time this is considered normal... But when your body has an overabundance of yeast organisms the end result for you is that you end up getting a yeast infection.

Some of the many factors that can cause yeast infections and upset the PH balance in your vagina are:

-If you are taking antibiotics, this kills all bacteria good and bad
-If you are taking birth control pills and IUDs
-If you are taking estrogen
-If you are taking hormones or experience any hormonal changes
-If you have diabetes
-If you have a low immune system
-If you are taking steroids
-If your genital area gets exposed to extreme moisture (wet swim suits)
If you douche–douching will remove all the good bacteria and dry out the vaginal area. When you douche normal bacteria is also removed and yeast will thrive and grow when the PH level in the vagina is upset

At Selmedica Healthcare, we’ve spent countless hours dedicated to extensive yeast infection research. In fact, my team of researchers is always at the cutting-edge of the latest tests and studies on yeast infections. We are committed to always having the best of the best working for you. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

For some time, doctors have suspected that yeast infections should be treated both internally and externally—from the inside and the outside. But, they didn’t do anything about it. They just kept prescribing the same old, ineffective medications, with the same results: none! Or, when the medications did seem to work, often the infections came back twice as bad!

Why would doctors keep prescribing medications that just don’t work?

It just makes no sense to all of us here at Selmedica Healthcare.However, the results of recent studies reported by a group of physicians and scientists that suggest that yeast infections may best be treated with homeopathic medicines, herbs, and natural oils that can attack the infection from the inside out AND the outside in and with ingredients that do not disturb the delicate pH balance your body needs to keep to stay healthy.

This is exciting news for our researchers because it means their theories on how to help people suffering from yeast infections were right all along!

"Your Yeast Infection Symptoms"

You need to be able to find out if what you have is really a yeast infection. Here's the best way to tell. As you know, the list of yeast infection symptoms seem like it’ll never end.

I’m so sorry for your pain and embarrassment. Since I’ve been where you are, I know much of your struggle with many of the following symptoms:

-White vaginal discharge, it is lumpy and sometimes looks like cottage cheese (should be odorless)
-Vaginal itching
-Irritated skin that often becomes red or inflamed at the opening of the vagina
-Painful urination
-Pain or vaginal discomfort while having sex
-Rash on external area of the vagina
-Soreness or discomfort around the vaginal lips

But, you do not have to keep feeling guilty, embarrassed, and ashamed. You do not have to feel like this is your fault. You can stop only living half of your life and begin being healthy and happy again.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, everybody's next question is always...

"What Caused Your Yeast Infection?"

As I said, you didn't do anything wrong and your yeast infection is not your fault. Many doctors want you to believe that YOU are responsible for your yeast infection. They’ll tell you it’s a result of things like “promiscuous” sex or being dirty, or…believe it or not, they might tell you, you don’t have yeast infection at all, you’re just a hypochondriac.

I’m here to tell you any doctor that tells you these things without doing a thorough examination to rule out a yeast infection is not doing their job properly. You didn’t cause your yeast infection. You are a victim of it. I’m here to change that for you.

Sadly, most doctors don’t know as much as they should about yeast infections, and they have very little idea how to treat them effectively.

"Your Yeast Infection Treatment or Remedy Options"

You have several options to treat your yeast infection, but unfortunately, many of these options are ineffective, time-consuming, and very, very expensive. Let’s take a look at how yeast infections have been traditionally treated, so you can know what’s available to help you.

Doctors typically treat yeast infections and its symptoms over-the-counter drugs. Many of these pricey drugs only help you “manage” or live with the symptoms but don’t effectively treat your symptoms or prevent future outbreaks.

In addition, some drugs seem to work at first, but because the yeast can actually become resistant to the treatments, the infections actually come back even worse than before with more pain, more suffering, and more humiliation.

What good is that?

A drug that helps you ‘live with’ symptoms that are ruining your life, and then causing more of the same symptoms! That’s not how a good remedy should work, is it? With the high price of these largely ineffective and chemical-based medications, I know you’re wondering if there’s a better way, a safer, faster, and more efficient way you can permanently deal with your yeast infections.

What you really need is something to get inside and start eliminating the infection from within. You need something safe, effective, and affordable; something that can put you on the path to good health. There just has to be a better way to help you, right?

"Finally, You Have A Real Answer, Candisil"

"How Candisil is Different for You"

You only need five minutes and one simple solution for your yeast infections and that solution is Candisil. A revolutionary new way of helping victims of yeast infections, just like you!

Ingredients proven in numerous documented scientific international studies to help people suffering from symptoms associated with yeast infections.

A proprietary blend of potent botanicals successfully used for decades to deal with the symptoms associated with yeast infections.

There is no other available product in the world that matches the results of Candisil.

In fact, its list of powerful ingredients has been documented as highly effective by international scientists, organizations, and medical journals. That's because Candisil penetrates deeply to attack yeast infections from the inside out.

This means that, unlike other yeast infections medications, Candisil attacks your yeast infection from every direction. It not only deals with your current infection, it also provides the vital support and protection your body needs to be well and prevent future infections. Candisil was specially formulated to give your body what it needs to start getting better immediately!

It's amazing how this simple solution was overlooked for so long before it was brought to you.

"How Candisil Was Discovered"

You'll be shocked when you learn how and why Candisil was first made and used. Originally, the ingredients that make up Candisil were used to:

-Eliminate general infection
-Treat digestive disorders
-Reduce fatigue and tiredness
-Purify the blood

And, we discovered the ingredients have been used to treat yeast infections in Asia for centuries! It’s easy to see how ingredients like these will work for you. Because it worked for them you can be confident it will work for you, guaranteed.

When our scientists at Selmedica Healthcare, began to research the problem, we discovered that there were countless THOUSANDS of yeast infection sufferers whose condition was not responding to the "normal" drug treatments.

That's when we discovered the special formula that would later be used successfully by over 64,000 yeast infection suffers. Selmedica Healthcare manufactures Candisil in a state-of-the-art facility under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or "G.M.P."

That means that Candisil is safe and effective. Candisil has successfully treated more than 64,000 yeast infections sufferers. Because it worked for them you know it will work for you—guaranteed!

"What Candisil Does For You"

You have to understand that the special blend of potent botanicals has been methodically tested and retested to make sure it provides the maximum benefits to people like you who are suffering needlessly from yeast infections. With its scientifically-tested combination of highly-effective ingredients, Candisil helps you take charge of your symptoms from day one.

Our researchers have worked over 3,000 hours in the lab to produce the only remedy available today that has this power-packed combination of ingredients designed to help you:

-Eliminate the symptoms of existing infections
-Stop the pain, soreness, and hurting
-Soothe the constant itching and burning
-End the vaginal discharge
-Escape the ineffective results of so many over-the-counter and prescription drugs

And, so much more!

At Selmedica Healthcare, it’s our job to put you and your health first and that's why you'll never find a solution like Candisil anywhere else in the world.

And, more than that, it’s my job to make sure that you are getting only the best care possible. I wouldn’t let a single bottle of Candisil leave our facilities unless I knew 100% that it would help you instantly and powerfully.

"How Fast Candisil Works For You"

You want it to work fast don't you…If you’re like most people suffering from yeast infections , you needed a solution yesterday. You want one that will work fast. Waiting weeks and weeks for your prescriptions to take effect just isn’t going to cut it.

Candisil has a proven 2-part system for relief that is unique because it starts working immediately. Because it works from the inside out and the outside in, getting to the cause of the issues, Candisil helps you to start taking control of your health with the very first dose.

In fact, because you take Candisil twice a day, it has been created to help you with the specific symptoms you experience at various times throughout your day.

"The Candisil Difference 2-Part System Makes All the Difference"

Your morning dose has been specially created to help protect and boost your immune system with a remarkable combination of potent botanicals. In addition, your morning dose will give you the energy your body needs to get better fast.

In the evening, you take the second dose which has been designed to give your immune system an unmatched protection and enhancement—allowing your body to get busy working on getting better even while you’re asleep.

During an outbreak, you’ll also apply Candisil Topical Spray directly to your affected area to soothe your symptoms and speed the elimination of the infection. And, what’s best, Candisil starts working immediately. No waiting. No fear of it not working. Immediate results for your peace of mind.


You really can't ask for more than that can you?

"Here is What Will Happen To You Using Candisil"

The moment that you take your first dose of Candisil, it goes to work immediately and you can begin imagining what it will feel like to be normal again

Remember what it was like to feel sexually attractive? You went out and had the confidence to approach people. It’s now more possible than ever to feel great about yourself again and find that perfect person!

Imagine what it would be like to not constantly be feeling sore, itchy, or in pain. With Candisil you’ll rediscover the joy of just being you—no unsightly discharge, no pains, just total good health, ready to meet any challenge and enjoy your life, one day at a time.

Can you picture what an entire day without any of your yeast infection symptoms would feel like? Feels pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Now picture what a it would feel like to be free of your yeast infection symptoms for a week, a month, a year…a lifetime…now you’re starting to see what Candisil can do for you.

Do you dream about living a life where you aren’t constantly feeling ashamed of yourself, embarrassed by your infection, and suffering with low self-esteem? With Candisil you can turn that dream into a reality. Feel more energetic, more confident, more attractive, and be able to start doing all the things you’ve had to put off for too long because you’ve been struggling with your symptoms.

Candisil helps you get your life back...the way you want it…and it does it in just days. Stop imagining and let Candisil help you reclaim the life you deserve. You’re sure to feel like a whole new person! You've probably heard the buzz by now...

"What The Experts Tell You About Candisil

You know we love our product but here you can see what everyone else thinks about it...As you’ve already seen, medical, research, and scientific organizations all around the world have put their stamp of approval on the potent combination of ingredients found in Candisil.

In fact, the research of such bodies as Commission E, the group of scientists that advises the German government, has shown in multiple studies that the ingredients in Candisil have been proven time and time again to address the most common symptoms of yeast infections.

"You Need to Hear These Real Life Success Stories"

"I had suffered form yeast infects for years. I was so sick and tired of the messy creams and always having to go to the doctor. I found Candisil online and it was a miracle! I am so happy. I am now able to have a decent love life without the worry of having or getting yet another yeast infection."
- Betty Kilmer, 28
Portland, OR: Receptionist
Be Our Next Success Story...

"I ordered Candisil after a friend of mine wouldn’t stop talking about it. She went on and on how it was convenient and there was no mess. I am glad I gave it a try. It was the easiest and fastest way I have ever gotten rid of a yeast infection. I am thrilled with the results!"
- Sara Timney, 42
Alberta, Canada: Sales Associate
Be Our Next Success Story...

"Ever other month it seemed as though I would get a yeast infection. I went to doctor after doctor and all they could do was give me a pill that took 3 days to kick in. I was fed up. I found your product online and was completely stunned as to how fast my symptoms improved. And the spray is so much easier than using a cream. Thank you Candisil for giving me back a normal life."
- Melanie Dertanten, 30
Albany, NY: Florist
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"I ordered Candisil for me and my husband, you see I gave him my yeast infection and didn’t even realize it. I felt really bad and he was not about to go to the doctor. We both started taking it on the same day. My symptoms disappeared in TWO days and his were completely gone in THREE days. I am so happy I never have use the over the counter medications again.
- Sheri Jameson, 36
Jackson, TN: Homemaker
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"I have been battling yeast infection since I was a teenager. I have used everything imaginable. I have been to many doctors. They have always come back. I ordered Candisil and was really impressed by the guarantee. After all what did I have to lose? I could not believe how great the spray is. It worked so fast and taking the pills is so easy. I am glad to know that somebody out there finally found a way to make it easier on all women."
- Jamie Reynolds, 55
Little Rock, AR: Beauty Consultant
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"I never really had many yeast infections until the birth of my children then all of the sudden I would get a yeast infection about every three to four months. This was really becoming a pain and a hassle. I couldn’t do anything without thinking about it. Just when I would think I got an infection cleared up here came another one. The doctor could not find any underlying causes. I found your product and was very skeptical after all nothing had worked so far. I can’t tell you how easy and fast Candisil worked. On day three I felt like a new woman. The spray was easy to use and not messy at all. I have continued to take the anti-yeast pills and have yet to get a yeast infection in SEVEN months. I normally would have had two by now. I am so pleased with your product."
- Frances Lunden, 38
Charlotte, NC: Payroll Clerk
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"My teenage daughter started getting yeast infections. She had about three when she just absolutely refused to go to the doctor anymore. She said it was embarrassing and they always told her the same thing. Well, I knew I had to do something but the over the counter treatments she complained about also. She was online one day and found Candisil. She begged me to get it. She didn’t want to have to deal with any more creams and taking a pill was so much easier for her. I really thought the price was too high but agreed. She started taking Candisil and it worked instantly. She never complained and said she was never going to go back to the over the counter meds again. She has continued to take the anti-yeast pills and has not had a yeast infection in 1 ½ years. She and I both are so pleased. Thank you for making a moms work much easier."
- Sandra Meggleton, 44
Virginia Beach, VA: Teachers Aid
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"I ran across your site looking for some research on yeast infections. I was very cautious and at first did not order. I actually booked marked it and kept going back and forth. I finally decided to order after doing the 7-day cure and having another yeast infection come back 3 weeks later. I am so glad I saved your site. Your product was really great. I had a lot of itching and the spray took care of it quickly. I also, really like the idea of a spray instead of a cream. I felt so much cleaner. The pills really helped. I have been free of yeast infection ever since I ordered Candisil. That’s was over 9 months ago."
- Shelly Hodges, 26
Tucson, AZ: College Student
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"I am very pleased with Candisil. I am very happy that I do not have to deal with any kind of cream at all. The spray is great. The pills are easy to take and my symptoms disappeared in less than 2 days. Thank you for such a wonderful product."
- Anna Perez, 29
Dallas, TX: Toll Booth Operator
Be Our Next Success Story... /

"I am so glad there is an alternative to the same old 7 days creams! I am glad there is finally a pill that helps that does not require a Doctor visit and a prescription. Candisil has worked very well for. I have not had a yeast infection since. I am very pleased."
- Jackie Friedman, 52
Chicago, IL: retired
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"I had to have surgery on my arm and it turned into 3 more surgeries. Well, for almost 7 months I had to stay on antibiotics straight. And I had a yeast infection for about 4 months non-stop because every time I cured it; it came back because of the antibiotics. The doctor told me there was not much I could do since I needed the antibiotics to prevent an infection in my arm. My husband was online looking for me and found your site. He ordered it without even telling me. It arrived and he gave it to me and said I hope this makes you feel better. I am so glad he did. It was a miracle. My yeast infections are gone and I have not had one since. I continue to take the pills because I have another two months of antibiotics to go but now I don’t worry about getting another yeast infection. Thanks for such a wonderful product candisil."
- Sue Lehman, 62
Tyler, TX: Retired
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"I ordered Candisil after many months of fighting yeast infection. I am a swim teacher so it is almost impossible for me to not stay in a moist environment. I tried it and was really surprised. It worked very fast and my symptoms went away really quickly. I am so happy it is not interfering with my job. Being in the pool all day just made them worse. The spray really did help with all the itching and inflammation."
- Mandy Jones, 26
Baltimore, Maryland: Swim Instructor
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"I started having reoccurring yeast infection after going through menopause. I seemed to get one ever two to four months. It was becoming a big ordeal as I couldn’t participate in my normal activities. It was really holding me back. I tried the cream but they never seemed strong enough. I bought Candisil and could tell a dramatic difference on DAY TWO. The itching and swelling was gone over night. The spray was so easy to use and very soothing. I will never use anything else."
- Samantha, 58
Detroit, MI: Librarian
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"What a great product. It worked fast and it was so nice that there was no mess involved in treating my yeast infection."
- Tara Robinson, 23
Long Beach, CA: Student
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I have had reoccurring yeast infections for over 10 years now. I have searched every where for something that would finally work. A friend referred me to your site. At this point I was like yeah right after 10 years if I have not found something that is going to work nothing is going to. I am happy to say I was wrong. Candisil did work and worked fast. The spray was such a great idea. I feel so much cleaner using a spray instead of a cream. After THREE days it was gone. I have yet to have another one so far.
- Courtney Thompson, 33
Atlanta, GA: Bookkeeper
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